Georgetown Valley Candy Company

In the straits of Mackinac, Michigan, there is a small island where fudge factories abound, where no motorized vehicles are allowed. People travel over the Island with horse-drawn carriages and bicycles. The fudge factories produce their candy the old fashioned way, with large handmade copper kettles, and long wooden paddles. The fudge is cooked and then poured onto the solid marble tables, and worked across the surface to cool the fudge, and to give it a nice smooth texture. Georgetown Valley Candy Company was founded in 1979 as a franchise of the Fort Candy Factory in Mackinac, Michigan. Shortly thereafter, it was purchased by Tom and Marty Macarthur.

The Macarthur’s owned and operated the business for six years, but then decided to return to Michigan. In 1985, they sold the store to Nina and Rube Goeringer. Fortunately, candy making was not new to the Goeringer’s.

Years prior to purchasing the store, Nina took a molded candy class and started making fine hand painted candies for her family, relatives, and friends. She fell in love with making these candies and knew that was what she wanted to do. Thus, Rube and Nina built a candy kitchen in their home, so she could make and sell her candy. In 1983, Nina incorporated her own company. Aspen Park Candies, Inc. Two years later, Rube and Nina bought the Fort Mackinaw Candy Factory and incorporated it within Aspen Park Candies.

Over the years Nina and Rube were joined by their son Scott and Daughter-in-law Kristi, who has since left the company to explore ventures of her own. Through hard work, and a passion for their work the business has grown. The Factory is now very well known for its homemade candy, ice-cream, and old fashion appeal. Repeat customers come to see and smell the candy being made, and to be entertained by Rube’s singing and tall tales.

After years of explaining the candy factory has no ties with Michigan, the time came for the business to evolve into Georgetown Valley Candy Company.  Regardless of the company’s evolution, its dedication to quality and hand crafted products will never change.