Spice Trader’s Chocolates

Chocolate has a rich and amazing history. Chocolate once moved nations within the Americas. The indigenous tribes of the new world never knew chocolate as a sweet delicacy. To them it was a bitter spiritual concoction, flavored with numerous other items. When chocolate was introduced to the Old World, Europeans flavored it with many different ingredients as well. To honor chocolate’s heritage and to explore the more savory side of chocolate, Scott has developed Spice Trader’s Chocolates. These chocolates are unique and exciting. Be bold and explore the flavors and aromas.

Spice Trader’s Chocolate varieties:

Persian Rose

Aztec Tiles

New Delhi Melts

Siam Bars

Chai Chocolate Chews

Marrakech Marvels

Sir Lancaster’s Lovelies

Chocolat de Provence

Captain Cooks Compulsion

Sherpa’s Secret

Marco’s Martini Magnifico

Premium Sipping Chocolate

Aztec Sipping Chocolate

English Toffee

There are a lot of toffees out there.  We have tested many. None are better than ours.  Scott’s wife, Kathy, believes you cannot know true happiness unless you have eaten Georgetown Valley Candy Company’s English Toffee.  It’s the butter, you see – lots and lots of butter.  And, an equal amount of love.

All the butter used in our English Toffee comes from our very own breed of cows – “High Mountain Flat Back Cows.”  This breed of cow is unique, because Rube, the Olde Goat, has trained them to sleep on their backs. As a result, when the Olde Goat goes to collect the dairy, the cream has already collected at the top – ready to be made into butter.  Over the years Rube noticed that a healthy cow is a happy cow.  As they do their daily exercises on Rube’s patented “Butter Churning Treadmill,” the cows now help Rube churn the cream into butter.  Amazing!!!  Unfortunately, the Olde Goat won’t let anyone photograph this spectacle so the patent stays secret.

If you are a toffee lover, this is a must for you.  We think it is sublime and believe you will too!

English Toffee varieties:

“Naked” Toffee

Chocolate Dipped Toffee

English Toffee

Classic Turtles

Georgetown Valley Candy Company takes every opportunity to ensure you get a great product.  When it comes to the turtles, Nina takes things to a whole new plateau.

For the last 25 years Nina has been going the extra mile to get these gems to you. Late in the evening, way past sundown, Nina can be seen with her trusty spot light combing the banks of Clear Creek for the tasty Chilly Water Turtles (the water is very cold at an elevation of 8,530 feet). Fortunately, the work goes quickly, because when Nina shines that spotlight in the turtle’s eyes they get stunned.  Then with a quick flick of the wrist and a net – they are in a basket bound for the candy factory.

The surprising thing is the flavor of the Chilly Water Turtle.  They taste just like sweet Georgian Pecans, luscious hand-crafted vanilla caramel, and milk chocolate!

Packaged in 1/3 lb.. boxes

Turtles are made with chocolate, caramel and pecans


Chocolate Truffles are one of the things Saint Peter greets souls with as they enter heaven. Scott’s truffle recipe was actually bequeathed to him by a fallen angel – or so you will believe after you bite into these wondrously-smooth artisan confections. Made by hand and spiked with alcohols, nuts and/or fruit, these lovelies are to die for.

Truffle varieties:

Bittersweet Chocolate

Grand Marnier

Pistachio Contreau

Bourbon Pecan

Hazelnut Frangelica

White Chocolate Cherry Tuaca

Port, Fig and Almond Butter

Chocolate Smooches

We had to go to Nina and ask why these chocolates are called Smooches. She remembers old folks would call any bite sized sweet a kiss, but we like to think it is because we seed them with amour.

Smooches varieties:

Peanut Butter Smooches

English Toffee Smooches

Mint Smooches